Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To self-publish or not to publish, that is the question

Two years ago, I attended a mini-workshop on the many aspects of publishing. We all had a burning question in mind: Is it better to go the conventional way? The moderator advised us to get an agent. He told us that by doing so, we'll have more chances of being acknowledged by a publisher. It's easier said than done, I thought. I know a fellow writer that went the unconventional way: self-publishing. Her book is doing great. That being said, I am not advising anyone to opt for the latter even though this is becoming a common practice among aspiring writers nowadays. We all know that going mainstream without an agent is difficult while self-publishing is the cheaper and easier route to get our books published.

Doing research this afternoon, I came across an interesting video from Forward Press on self-publishing. Check it out:

For self-publishing, check out: http:www.lulu.com

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