Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding our daily muse

We don't need to ask Minerva, the Roman goddess of poetry and wisdom to guide us every time we need inspiration. We all find our muse in different places. For me, I usually find it in nature. Today it was different though. My students asked me if they could be characters in my next short story. I told them that as a writer I expect myself to turn anything or anyone into my muse. If they are reading this blog, they'll find out that they did inspire me. I might use some of their traits and personalities for my next hero/heroine. In the meantime, I tell my fellow writers to read a lot. Anything. Just read! If you're suffering from writer's block, go for a walk. Join a writers' group. I did! Go to a cultural event, a museum, a poetry reading, even a concert. And finally, come out of your shell, do something outside the norm, you'll be amazed at how quickly the ideas come flowing in.


  1. Speaking purely from a blogger's perspective, I found my daily muse through photography. I'm a professional flamenco guitarist and I'd get friends and random strangers to take photos of me and my fellow performers at shows. Later when I get home, I'd choose a handful of the best photos and upload them to my blog. With the previous night's performance still fresh in my mind, the photos would trigger many of the sights, sounds and feelings of the moment...some good, some not-so-good. But all of them nevertheless a sum of my experience as a performing artist. 90% of time the words just flow. Of course it helps that I made the goal of my blog very specific: a way of reflecting on each day and recounting the good and not-so-good parts and how I can learn from them and grow.

  2. Oh, I like this notion as it truly resonates with me. Interestingly, lately after closing the computer and sitting with DH to watch television, I find myself really paying attention to the commercials. All of a sudden, an inspiration comes to me and I have to fetch my writing log and pen in some thoughts on either a play I am writing or for a new blog entry. While my muse can be commercials, I am also very inspired by snippets of conversation with others. My MUSE is everywhere!

  3. Am I dreaming or you just "kinda" called me your muse?
    You know I'm gonna get the big head.
    Welcome on the blogosphere. I'll enjoy reading you.