Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let the holidays inspire your writing

Most of us agree that finding time to write during the holidays is almost impossible. We’re either traveling or entertaining so writing takes a back seat. So I say to you, why not combine both?
Here are four problems and possible solutions:
1)      No quiet time – Why not give Christmas carols a chance. Use them to your advantage as background music while typing a few lines. Who knows? You may write a poem or a story with a holiday theme.
2)      No energy to write – Treat yourself to something sweet. Why not bake some cookies? Spicy gingerbread man cookies are fun! A little sugar indulgence should energize you to write at least half a page.
3)       Not feeling the holiday spirit – Read Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. If his famous character, Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t inspire you, perhaps Dickens’s poetic and humorous style will.
4)      Writing has gone out the chimney – Don’t expect Santa to push it back down the same way. Ask a family member or a fellow writer to brainstorm ideas with you. It could help if you have a glass of eggnog, sparkling wine, or sangria while discussing your story. With technology being so accessible nowadays, you could even do it via Skype, webcam, Facebook chat, or the good-old telephone. (Note: Don’t write, drink and drive)
Do the holidays inspire your writing? Are you productive over this festive time? What other solutions would you suggest? 


  1. I say wait till after Dec.25th and 26th! LOL!!

    Happy happy holidays to you and your family, Claudia! Hope yours is a most writerly and inspired time! Take care

  2. Hi Claudia! What a fun and timely post! I like your sense of whimsy and tying writing in with the busyness of the holiday season. What you are saying is that even if the holidays take us out of our writing routine, if we want to write, we will find a way! I totally agree! Love your line not to write, drink and drive--so why not call Nez Rouge and relax in the back seat, writing while they drive you safely home?! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  3. This time, yes. Don't know why. I was an actress, therefore used to being different characters, but funnily enough, never bothered to put together a detailed psychological etc. description of my characters before beginning to write. Now I'm living the characters in my head, as metioned, not sure why, maybe something to do with my life at the moment, but whatever the reason, I'm pleased a great deal of the work is somehow happening despite me. :0) Happy Christmas, Claudia.

  4. Holidays, Christmas especially, definitely do inspire me! I just don't think about writing or acting during this time, though. I do everything I usually do at Christmas, I have fun, I enjoy my introspective moments of the day taking notes of everything. When the holidays are over, I have material to work on. In my case, it's the memory of it all that makes it more magical than it already is. I only work on my memories of the events and the emotions they create, rather than directly on the events themselves as they happen.

    Merry Christmas Claudia!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for your wise suggestion. Yep! I think most writers will end up doing that, waiting till after Dec. 25th ;)
    Merry Christmas to you, Charlie, and your family!

    Hi Kelly,
    Well, if being comfortably tucked in at home while drinking a bit of wine inspires you to write, then why not? LOL! Glad you enjoyed this Christmas-theme post. Wishing you and your family all the best for the holidays!

    Hi Carole Anne,
    How interesting! I had no idea you were an actress before. Maybe your previous craft has helped your writing in so many ways.
    Happy Christmas to you, too!

    Hi Jay,
    Yes, the holidays can do that. We can become introspective during this time of year. I wonder if it's due to ending the year and wanting to refelct on our past accomplisments. Memories are good! They can be cathartic or inspiring for our next piece.
    Merry Christmas, Jacopo!

  6. Can we just drink and write? Leave out the driving?
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi Alex,
    LOL! Of course! that's a better combination ;)
    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  8. I hadn't thought about letting the holidays inspire my writing, but I should - especially after the fight I witnessed at my church Christmas party last Saturday. The Bishop had to break it up. Can you believe it?

    Merry Christmas to you too, Claudia!

  9. Claudia, I go with the flow and allow batteries to recharge - even blogging withers under the onslaught of family and Christmas. One thing I do try and do, however, is write a number of draft queries to specific agents/publishers with whatever WIP or short story I have ready. Then I relax, knowing that sometime in the New Year I just have to click on 'Send' and feel a sense of achievement. It's that kind of bureaucratic proces I'm really bad at during the rest of the year.
    And Merry Christmas, Claudia.

  10. Hi Claudia! You are just so wonderful! I posted the videos of fountain show in Antalya, please check it! Thanks..

  11. Hi Michelle,
    LOL! OMG! I can't help but laugh (sorry!) but I have a mental picture of the fight at that Christmas party. This should make a great short story or scene in a book. Hope you get inspired to write something christmasy ;)

    Hi Mike,
    Please don't feel bad for not blogging or writing over the holidays. I intend to take a little break myself. I need it! I'll probably do some editing over the holidays. But to bid farewell to 2011, next Tuesday I am meeting with a dear friend who's also a writer. We want to brainstorm and revise some pieces before the year's over ;)
    I'll see you in 2012. Merry Christmas!

  12. Thanks for the awesome tips, Claudia, as well as your lovely well-wishes. I hope you, too, have an amazing and wonderful break and holiday. I wish you much blessings for 2012 and beyond!

  13. Hi Raquel,
    Glad to hear you liked the tips. Hope you enjoy Christmas and get a well-deserved break.

  14. Hi Claudia, first time visitor and nice to great you. Fortunately I feel inspired to write all the time. I do like listening to Christmas carols while writing. They are inspiring and I think I do write more during the holidays.

  15. Hi Stephen,
    Nice to meet you! Thank you for joining my blog. How wonderful to hear you do have time to write during the holidays. Wishing you a lot of inspiring moments in 2012!