Sunday, July 4, 2010

Is writing taking over my life?

If you’re an established writer, then this question doesn’t really apply to you. But what happens when you’re an emerging writer? Should writing come second?

Too many writers use lack of time as an excuse not to write. When you say you don’t have the time, what you’re really saying is, something else is more important right now than writing. On the other side of the spectrum, emerging writers find themselves feeling guilty for not writing enough. True, writing shouldn’t take over your life. Instead, it should be part of it. Now, I’m not suggesting you should neglect your children, husband, and/or daily responsibilities for endless writing sessions. However, incorporating short writing sessions in your daily routine would go a long way. Get a small notebook and take it everywhere you go. Write down everything you do and how long it took you to do it. In ninety percent of cases, free moments for writing will be found.

1) Create a pattern: Make writing one of the first things you do each day (or the last, if you’re a night owl).
2) Don’t force yourself: If you do, you’ll be unhappy therefore, it’ll show on your work. Instead, use life itself as a “prompt” for your writing. For instance, if you see someone or something that’s interesting or unusual, jot down the main idea on a piece of paper. When you get home, write 300 words about it. You can develop this story later.
3) Make it a realistic goal: Some people exercise for an hour every day. Some read two books per week and others practice a sport once a week. Why not do the same for writing?

You have to decide whether writing is worthy of your time or not. Be honest with yourself. Just remember that successful authors manage their time, pure and simple.


  1. How true! If writing is important to us it will be reflected in how we prioritize it. It's not easy, however, when there's a will there's a way.

  2. I second Laura's thought! When I think about all the time I've put into far less interesting or unrewarding endeavors, it's a no-brainer to make time to write every day. It is who I am and reaches down into my soul. What strikes me most about it is this: the more we do something, whether exercise or writing, the more we want to do it. It's all about cultivating the habit of writing so that we get in the habit of cultivating the garden of our creativity. :-))

  3. Laura & Kelly, I'm glad you agree with my post ;)
    I think we all need a little reminder from time to time. I know I do. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. "True, writing shouldn’t take over your life"?
    How untrue.