Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coffee + Facebook = Blogpost

Today we had a power outage in my neighborhood due to a gas leak. It has lasted close to eleven hours. It was serious since it was announced in the local news and four thousand people were evacuated. Fire trucks and police officers were standing by.

So here I am, at a downtown coffee shop typing up my latest post. Unfortunately, I cannot concentrate in this noisy environment.

When I logged in, the page that popped up said I needed to connect to my Facebook account
in order to access explorer.
 I'm surprised they didn't ask me to order coffee in order to use their free Wi-Fi.

So in honor of a mélange of caffeine and technology I am posting an excerpt from
the Book Marketing Expert's article about Facebook pages.

Understanding Facebook Content Interaction

Fan Pages now have a fabulous feature called Facebook Insights.

Head on over there for some really interesting information and
insightful (hence the name) data.
First, you can find Insights on the left side of your page.
Once you're there you can see all sorts of data on the information you post.
1) Reach: This is the number of unique people who have seen the post
for 28 days after publishing the post.
2) Engaged Users: These are people who have engaged with your post

in some way: i.e. clicked the link.
3) Talking about this: This is an interesting number and you've no doubt

seen this pop up right under your "Likes." These actions are: liking the post,
commenting, sharing the post, responding to a question, or RSVPing
to an event.
4) Virality: This is the number of people who have created a story from

your page post.
Watch these numbers for some great insight into what fires up your fans
and what leaves them cold.
It's not just about getting "Liked," it's about staying "Liked."
Creating insightful, helpful, and engaging content is one piece
to the puzzle; the other is timing
and receptiveness of your fans. Though I've outlined 'general' user
guidelines in this piece, be sure to check the Facebook Insights
for key data that will help your fan base thrive!
Quick Ways to Promote your Facebook Fan Page

* Put your Fan Page URL in your signature line
* Email your newsletter list
* Add a Facebook Fan widget to your blog and website
* Add your Fan Page URL to your biz cards
* Tweet the link to your followers
* Notify your "Friends" on your personal profile that you now

   have a Fan Page
Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.


  1. excellent post..thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Thank you for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

  2. Facebook has really come a long long way from how it used to be - amazing way to utilize it - thanks Claudia! Take care

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Facebook, if used right, it can be a very useful tool.
      Say hi to Charlie ;)

  3. Well, it seems the power outage did your inspiration some good because I liked the first part of your post. I liked all of it, but specifically the first half! It recalls a very journalistic experience. I can smell the coffee indeed! Oh, no, wait, it's morning and I'm having breakfast... It's my coffee! ;)

    Thanks for the insight on Facebook. It is still a new tool for me, so I'm discovering its features quite gradually. Advice and suggestions from someone who knows more than I do makes discoveries much easier!
    Thanks for sharing this, Claudia!

    1. Hi Jay,
      Believe me, you're not the only one, it has taken me a while to learn all the featrues (sigh!). Not because it's difficult but because of lack of time. Time, where art thou?
      Hope you enjoyed breakfast ;)

  4. Some writers claim they are inspired writing in cafés, but like you, I can't concentrate either. I need to be at home with some inspirational music, a good cup of tea and some dark chocolate.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Home is my haven and that's where I get inspired to write. When I'm editing I like to play some classical music, but when I am crafting a new story, silence is my best companion. ;)

  5. I'm not on Facebook... *sighs*
    I can imagine your look of disbelief *giggles*
    I know... I know... don't be too hard on me - I'll get there... sometime...

    1. Hi Mish,
      Actually I'm laughing. I am not surprised at all. I know a number of people who do not have a fb acct. I was adamant at first about opening an acct and it took a lot of convincing from my friends to finally open one. I only use it as a writing platform though.

  6. I'm on facebook but no where near organised enough to utilise it. I can't really figure out/be bothered to organise my wall. As a result it's like a wild garden of various posts from a large number of people. It gives me a daily 15 minutes of bizarre procrastination. Yes, your link to those snippets of wisdom is fascinating but then it smacks slap bang into the keyton mind-vaccuum

    1. Hi Mike,
      You have to have patience and a lot of time in order to keep your FB acct organized. I only used it because it's linked to my blog. It's really hard to keep up with it.

  7. Hi Claudia,
    Sorry to hear about the power outage, but glad that you were able to post this informative article. I, too, don't use facebook as a platform, but it's one of my short-term goals. I will definitely refer back to this when the time comes!

    1. Hi Raquel,
      Thank you. We got power back at 11 PM that day. :( We managed though. If you keep FB just a supplement to your blog, you'll do fine. The trick is to avoid getting addicted to it. ;)

  8. Found your blog through the Origins Blogfest. I love the books featured under your heading. Those are some of my favorite books of all time. You've got incredible taste.

    1. Hi Ms. Hennessy,
      Thank you for joining my blog. I joined yours as well. Happy to hear you, too, appreciate these classics; they're a few of my favs. ;)

  9. Claudia,

    Many, many thanks for joining my blog - I know it's most likely a subject matter not at the top of your reading list, but it's always great to have someone of your calibre in the wings. I'm hoping to get some feedback (be it good, bad or indifferent) one of these days on my attempts at story writing, so frustrating that people read (I hope?) but don't comment.

    As for FB - mine is in its second birthing, after I decided getting spammed by my family was totally driving me up the wall. So now I keep it purely to friends :)

    1. Hi EvilDM,
      You're very welcome! I try to visit as many blogs as I can (well, at least my fellow bloggers). I always read and leave comments. However, due to lack of time, I always choose one day out of the week and I dedicate it to visiting blogs and leaving comments. You'll see me around ;)

  10. Haven't stopped by for a while, and now I'm here and find this very interesting post! I go in and out of Facebook, check in on family, check in some of my closest blogging friends. Blogging has been the favorite, and best for me for book promotion. I see your comment above. Yes, so many bloggers don't have a lot of time for social media. We should do what we enjoy doing the most! Bloggers will "see me around" also. I enjoy coming here and seeing your smiling face. I'm not following people anymore who don't have a name. I also enjoy a face. I think this is all about making connections with others, becoming friends. I also am passing on blogs that are just too difficult to read, like white on black and other strange colors.

    I hope you're having a good week.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

    1. Dear Ann,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I, too, like blogging. However, I've decided to post every Wednesday and reply to comments and visit fellow bloggers on Saturday. This has worked so far. Regarding Facebook, yes, I only use it to promote my writing. Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you around more often.
      Now, off to your blog I go :D

  11. I'm particularly excited regarding your blog, as it's one especially set out novice/new writers and writers alike (not really where I fall amongst all that?), written by a writer. It's so refreshing to have access to such a great platform of inspiration, information and advice.

    Thank you for being here and doing this, and I'm sure it's been said before, and most likely in a more eloquent fashion, but hey, I'm a newbie - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ;)

    1. Hi again, EvilDM,
      Thank you for your kind words. Don't worry about being a novice. Nobody is here to criticize, we are here to help each other. Ernest Hemingway once said, “Writing is something that you can never do as well as it can be done. It is a perpetual challenge and it is more difficult than anything else that I have ever done.” So keep on writing and you'll hone your craft in no time ;)

  12. Hi Claudia,
    I'm dropping by from the Origins blogfest. Thanks for posting these great tips! Will certainly keep them in mind for when I start my FB fan page :)

    your newest follower,

    1. Hi Nutschell,
      Nice to meet you! Thank you for joining my blog. I joined yours as well. :D Hope to see you around.
      Keep on writing!

  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Claudia. I don't have a fan/author page on facebook. I'm hoping at some point I will have a book and then I'll start one. :) I keep facebook pretty much as a friends and family thing.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      A lot of authors use fan pages to promote their books. Like you, I'm waiting to publish my book so that I can create a page myself. In the meantime, Twitter and regular FB will do. :D

  14. Claudia,

    Please forgive my lack of manners, but only after reading Ann's posting was I shamed into realising my rudeness in not actually introducing myself by name; so lovely to meet you (and all those here following), my name is Mark, writing all the way from cold and cloudy South Wales in the UK.

    Forgive the former monica of 'EvilDM', but it was a tag giving to me by my former role playing group, and seeing as my blog mainly deals with the subject matter of role playing anecdotes, advice and information, I thought it fitting. But now I'm 'branching out' as it were, into the big, wide blogosphere, I think it only proper that I now use my given name - plus I'd hate to think I had put people off, such as Ann, from even contemplating looking at my blog or even following it due to an old nickname.

    Just makes me think of something a particular native American Indian tribe believed: if someone knows your true name then that gives them power over you. ;)

  15. Hi Mark,
    Nice to meet you, too! Don't worry about it. A lot of my followers have pseudonyms. ;) Glad you read Anne's comment though. However, we blog to learn, help, teach, and entertain. And, you see? You learned something from my fellow blogger, Anne. :D
    Hope the weather in South Wales inspire you to write your next chapter or story. Here in Montreal we're having a warm winter, but I'm not complaining.
    See you soon in your next post! ;)