Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writing in Fall Mode

Fall is finally here and while I should be inspired by the crisp air, carved pumpkins, and sunset-kissed foliage, work has once again robbed my inspiration. November is a chaotic period for me. Somehow my writing is “falling” faster than the yellow leaves and my stories are not ready to be gathered. What can I do to get in full writing mode?
For instance, NaNoWriMo started this month and a lot of you are busy typing away, trying to meet the deadline. Participating this year would have been impossible for me, so I applaud those of you who are partaking in such demanding project.
Do you find autumn to be the perfect time to finish or start your writing projects?


  1. Dear Claudia,

    You preceded me by a couple of days because my next post is going to be dedicated to the Fall season too. The Fall inspires me with its melancholic backtaste, the idea of something wonderful that is slowly coming to an end.

    In my experience, inspiration is like dreams (night dreams, I mean): it only comes when I'm fully focused on its object.
    Who knows, maybe the best thing is to take a small break when we seem to be at a standstill; maybe we should sit down and wait.

    Or maybe we should just keep going, until we are finally inspired.
    Personally, I'd choose the last option.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Oh I hope you get your writing mojoy back soon! Yay for you!! So far this autumn has been the best for me for writing. I think though that it's more to do with the fact that for the first time in a couple of years (touch wood!!) I'm not laid low with a virus or other! Yay!

    Yes - all the best to those nano-ing!!

    Take care

  3. Hi Claudia!! First let me say that I LOVE this photo and I want to be on that path right now!! Amazing colors!! Wow!!

    A friend reminded me of NaNoWriMo and I thought that it would be good motivation for me to start my novel. As you know I have written a memoir so fiction is a new step for me. We will see how far I get! I have alot going on right now with the new puppy and not much time for creating or writing. I do think that autumn going into winter is a good time to start because I wont be distracted too much by the weather as it will soon be hibernating season! lol


  4. Hi Jacopo,
    Indeed, autumn is a beautiful season and I usually get inspired to write. I guess I'll have to wait for the Christmas holidays when I get a breather ;)

    Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, I want my mojo back!!!! :-) I thought you'd be one of the nanowrimo participants. Hmmm you should give it a try next year. You writing is beautiful.

    Hi Cathy,
    I bet you have plenty of those paths where you live, it's New York after all! :)
    How's the new puppy doing? I hope you post some of his pics. Like you, it seems that I'll be writing more in the winter. I've done it in the past.

  5. I think the holiday season needs so much energy that for a lot of people, their creative work falls to the wayside. My schedule hasn't changed much this season, so my writing gets about the same attention. When I get really busy, I tell myself I can do anything for 20 minutes. I set the timer, grab the manuscript, and work. 20 minutes isn't a lot, but it's something, and in the grand scheme, a lot of little somethings make a book or collection. I hope you can gather your stories again soon!

  6. Hi Raquel,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your valuable advice. You're absolutely right: 20 minutes is better than nothing. I'd better get going then, before the holidays become another excuse for me to postpone my writing ;)

  7. Not too sure about NaNo. It doesn't do it for me. But with regard to seasons and writing I haven't really noticed. In my case it's a matter of having the house empty, whatever the season : ) But that' s one fantastic picture, Claudia

  8. Hi Mike,
    Yes, having the house to oneself helps a lot. I wish I could take credit for that pic. It's not mine, but I do have some similar ones I took in upstate New York and in the province of Quebec.

  9. Of course it is spring down this way. Warm weather at last!

  10. Hi Al,
    Lucky you! We're bracing for six months of winter :( Hmmm I'll have plenty of time to write as long as my thoughts don't freeze ;)

  11. I agree. All those NaNo's deserve a hand. I'm doing PiBoIdMo (much easier). Gee, I hope I didn't already tell you that. Sometimes I repeat myself. ;)

  12. Fall is a the time I revise and polish my writing, prepping work for the new year.

    I've taken online courses this time of year as well, and recently attended a writing conference - SIWC, which I reviewed on my blog.

    Hope you'll have time to check it out.

    DG Hudson - Rainforest Writing

    Love the photo of the autumn leaves.

  13. Hi Michelle,
    Don't worry, you didn't repeat yourself ;)
    So, when did you start the PiBoIdMo? When's the deadline? Good luck with that project!

    Hi DG,
    Oh, you're so diligent and organized, I wish I could do that. I used to take fall workshops but nowadays I'm so busy with work I don't have time for classes :(
    I'll hop over to check out your review ;)

  14. That's a beautiful photo.

    I'm thinking about your question, what you can do to get into full writing mode. When time is tight, it helps me to break the project into small parts and give myself realistic assignments. Good luck! :)

  15. Hi Dawn,
    Great advice! Thank you for sharing it. I guess I don't have patience and that's why I like to do it all at once :(