Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Divine Guidance or Plain Brilliance?

I believe some people are born with a pen in their grip, you know, those whose writing is as easy as breathing. And, there are some that have to learn the process and hone this craft through extensive practice. I fall into the latter group. When I first started writing, I wanted to be brilliant. Why couldn’t I be like Woolf, Steinbeck, or Hemingway? Thank heavens for my supportive mentors who’ve encouraged me to continue writing even when I felt like quitting. They kept pushing me (and still do so) to improve my newly acquired skill. My childhood friend and my sister are my number one fans, and I’m grateful to them. They believe in me, in my writing, even when I doubt myself.

Lately I’ve experienced something really peculiar: I feel as if someone is whispering in my ear the right words. As I stop to search for a specific word, one that will make an impact in that sentence or paragraph, it pops in my head and travels to my fingers. I don’t know if it’s something visceral, divine, or pragmatic. I’d like to think it’s divine or spiritual. Imagine! Being surrounded by the spirit of the great Masters whispering the right words in your ear.

I wish I had the answer to that, but since I don’t, I’ll just keep honing my skill. In the end what matters is that you love what you do, hence creating brilliant stories.

Has writing come easy to you?


  1. Writing came easy to me for my current WIP, but it's only because I've lived it. So not writing a memoir but it comes preeetty darn close.

  2. Yay for these great inspirations speaking to you and helping you with your writing! Good luck and keep at it - yay!!

    Writing a story has never come easy for me and never will I suspect. But this keeps me very much grounded. I know I need to continue to learn.

    Take care

  3. Hi Alleged,
    But even for some writers, memoirs don't come so easy to them. So maybe you do have that aptitude ;)

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing your honest experience ;)
    Just keep writing and you'll get there. Practice makes perfect.
    Say hello to Charlie ;)

  4. It first did, than it didn't. Ideas come easy, but the actual writing is very hard. It's extremely cool in your head, your characters are lively and fun, but on paper, it's not always the case.

    But yet I can't stop writing. So no, it's not easy at all.

  5. After three years I feel like I am still using one of those giant pencils and a Big Indian tablet with two lines per line. If I hear a voice it's My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Mean Old Bat. To me you sound like an inspired pro.

  6. Hi Ben,
    Like you, ideas come easy to me. It's the technical part of writing that kills me :(
    Unlike you, I CAN stop writing. I use this time to distance myself from my writing so that I can come up with something better ;)

    Hi C,
    LOL! Mrs. MOB? Big Indian tablet?? There! why not write about this experience? I bet you can come up with something hilarious since this is your forte ;)

  7. The hardest part is beginning - like starting a bicyle uphill. You wobble and go very slowly. Then that happy moment I call 'the zone' and it's like coasting downhill. Like you said - a voice, external or your subconscious takes over your fingers and word materialise (and often make sense:) I touch type so it makes it even easier in this respect; I can almost keep up with the thoughts. Writing by hand is sluggish and thoughts stall.

  8. Hi Mike,
    I like your bicycle analogy ;) Yes, words materialize pretty much in front of me. I used to do a lot of longhand writing (mostly as exercise) but now I realize it's easier to just type it.

  9. I wish someone would whisper the right words in my ear!

    I used to do a lot of longhand work too. If I'm stuck at some particular point in the novel, I still resort to it now. Once I get back on track though, I have to type.

  10. Hi Shirley,
    Yes, typing it's easier, especially when editing your work. However, when I get inspired to write a stoy, I jot down the ideas or begin the story in my notebook and later I transfer it to Word.

  11. Hi Claudia,

    If you would send me your address I'll post your copy of Thin Time. Kind regards, Carole.

  12. For me writing stories is easy...making them "perfect" is a whole other story.

  13. You hit the nail, Sharon! I think a lot of us have the same problem ;)