Monday, May 23, 2011

It Loves Me… It Loves Me Not

While vacationing, my writing took a backseat even though a plethora of muses surrounded me. The best part is that I did NOT feel guilty at all for not jotting down a few ideas. I figured they would all pour out once I got home. But now that I am home, my writing is still in the backseat. The ideas are floating in my brain, but I’m having a hard time putting them down on paper.

I haven’t produced a new story in awhile. Last summer, I was producing and editing so many stories that I felt guilty for abandoning other projects. This has left me wondering if I still love writing as much as I did last summer. And does writing still love me?

So I decided I would edit the photos from my trip which fueled my inspiration to write this post. My next step is to write an outline for one of the stories that has been percolating in my head.

The two photos you see here are just a glimpse of the bigger muse. Can you guess where this is?


  1. Where is this? That is some beautiful architecture!

  2. Hi Alleged Author,
    Glad you like the pics. However, I cannot disclose the name of the city yet. ;) I will post more pics next week so that bloggers can guess...sort of a guessing game. I may even have a prize ;)

  3. San Francisco?!!? LOL!! It's the bridge!!

    Awww your muse will hit you big time don't you worry!!! That's the thing with muses - so fickle! :-)

    Take care

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Good guess! but it's not SF ;)
    Believe me, I wrote two stories in my head based on two interesting characters I encountered. Now I just have to put it on paper ;) Damn muse...I think she's jetlagged, LOL

  5. Well, Rome?

    Anyway, I understand the frustration so well Claudia. The ideas are dancing, images are showing up in your mind, only to disappear when you fingers hit the keys. It's horrible. It's like a paralysis. Good luck :/

  6. Hi Ben,
    Nope. Is not Rome. Good guess though. ;)
    Gosh! That's it, Ben. It's frustrating having the story in your head and being unable to type zilch. :( I'm being patient. I know I will get there.

  7. Hmm. Have you been to the Bosphorus?

  8. Hi Adam,
    Now, is this your guess? are you telling me this is the Bosphorus? I would like a more concrete answer, please. ;)

  9. Yes, Claudia. That is my guess. I think the bridge spans the Bosphorus. I don't have a clue about the other picture, though.

  10. OMG! Adam, you're awesome! YES! it is the Bosphorus! :) I take it you've been there because you immediately recognized it.
    My husband and I went on a tour of the Bosphorus so he snapped this pic...and many others, of course. We absolutely loved Istanbul. :)) The other pic you see here is the main gate of the Dolmabahce Palace. I was impressed with this palace. Too bad they don't allow cameras inside. So, since you guessed, I can't play the guessing game anymore. So now I ask you, have you been there?

  11. Claudia, you give me more credit than is due. I have never been there. But in another life, I worked as an engineer. Bridges, railroads, airports--these all fascinate me. I just knew I had seen (pictures of) that bridge before, but I had to do some searching to place it.

    Sorry to have brought a premature end to your game. Perhaps you have some other pictures? I am envious of your travels!

  12. Hi Adam,
    Then the more credit you deserve for recognizing the bridge without even being there. That's a talent! I only recognize places that I've been too (or that are TOO iconic to miss ;))
    I'll try to post more pics.

  13. I can't guess - but it reminded me a little of France's Arc de Triomphe. :)

  14. Hi Michelle,
    I guess you didn't read my reply to Adam (see above). That arch is the main entrance to the Domabahce Palace in Istanbul ;)