Sunday, November 28, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Hi there fellow bloggers! I know I haven't been posting assiduously, but something called life took over my writing and my blogging (sniff, sniff!) in the past weeks.

Please bear with me and I promise to bring you more writing tips in the next few days. So keep checking! ;-)

With the holidays approaching, I imagine a lot of you are not posting as often as you'd like. Or, am I the only one in the blogosphere who's gotten run over by a sleigh?

How do you keep up with your writing and your blogging at this time of year?


  1. Did you seriously get run over by a sleigh? Seriously? Oh no!! I hope you are ok?? Oh dear!!! What happened?!?!

    This is my first Christmas in blogworld!! I started my blog this year (Jan) and so am looking forward to this new experience of sharing christmas in the nether world of blogs!!

    Take care

  2. Life seems to get in the way of the things we want to do. Watch out for those sleighs!

  3. Dear Old Kitty,
    You're so cute. No, I didn't get run over by a sleigh. ;) the darn sleigh (in the spirit of Christams) was a metaphor for life, or should I say, for my latest obstacles. But thank you for your concern. Very cute! ;) So, no sleighs or anything like that.

    Hi Al,
    How's life on the other side of the pond? I guess when life gets in the way, we writers just write about it. ;)

  4. Ha Ha!!! Cute mouse. Yep, life pretty much gets in the way of writing :/ but its all about balancing everything. I don't know if you're a part of the NanoWriMo contest. But, i'm having a difficult time writing for the contest, writing my manuscript, concentrating at work and spending time with my fiance. Its such a herculean task i do daily, knowing that in the long run, i get to look back and smile. :)

  5. Hi Rachel,
    No, I'm not participating in NanoWriMo. I would go nuts with that project due to lack of time. That's a very challenging and demanding task. So I know what you're going through. Hang in there! It's only one month ;)

  6. Life's gotten in my way a bit too, Claudia. I had family in from England and I did a big holiday party while they were here (which was so much fun, but lots of work). Then we traveled for a week and caught some kind of bug...UGH...So I'm trying to recover from all of that and catch up in blogland too...I'm sure I'll be caught up by New Year's Eve. LOL!

    I hope all is well for you. :)

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Awww, that's nice! I wish I had my family here every year. It's sad when you are apart. :(
    Even if you were busy, at least you were having fun. Like you said, hopefully we'll be back on track after new year.
    See you in the blogosphere. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. OK so I am a bit confused! Did you really have bad news etc or just got very busy? I hope only the later. After trying to be equally productive round the year in Canada for decades I finally got it that this is a "seasonal" country i.e. we have four distinct ones with their own rythmes and moods... so, put your feet up, wrap yourself in a shawl and take a break! At least till X-mas. The new year will bring more light and energy!

  9. "Time heals everything"

    Hang in there and you will overcome these obstacles.

  10. Hi Veena,
    LOL! I'm sorry for the confusion, I was trying to be facetious (Hmmm, guess I was not successful). It is just obstacles. Didn't have a sleigh accident or anything of the sort. Just obstacles. But thanks for your concern.

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for your kind words. I'll drop by and check your blog later.