Monday, August 23, 2010

Make your writing a fun workout!

Today was Writing Day for me. After a two-week hiatus, my hand was a slug, dragging the pen over the paper leaving a blue trace of nonsense. This is the reason my fellow writers and I meet twice a month. It helps us get our creative juices flowing. As I’ve written in my previous posts, my writing group is my fun workout (No dumbbells involved!). Today we had three writing prompts and we chose two. We timed ourselves: fifteen minutes max. We read the stories out loud and gave each other feedback. Then we repeated the process with another prompt. This served as our warm up and, boy were we ready! The rest of our meeting was used to continue our work in progress.

Fellow writers you can have fun doing this exercise even long distance. One of my best friends who’s an aspiring writer asked me for writing prompts. I told her I’d include her in today’s Writing Day group even if she lives in the US. Well, it worked! She sent me her work via email. I printed copies of her story for my group to read and we later gave her feedback.

So, because we had so much fun doing it together, why not let you in the fun as well. I’ll share with you the three prompts we used. Choose one and give yourself fifteen minutes (No cheating!). You’ll be amazed at your own creativity. Remember: Absolutely NO editing!

I want to hear from you. Everything! Let me know if this was a good exercise, if it was fun, and if it gave you energy to write some more (e.g. your WIP).

Writing Prompts:
• Write a story about an empty glass.
• Write about the color of hunger.
• Write from the point of view of a clean sock that was mistakenly placed in the hamper.



  1. I'm horrible with writing prompts, but give me a photo and I'm off and running.

  2. Those are great prompts. I'll have to try one.

    I *LOVE* the photo, btw :)

  3. @Carol,
    I'm a visual creature, however, I can let my mind go wild if I want to ;)

    I'm glad you liked the prompts and my pic ;)

  4. Hey, I see you got the Animal Rescue Site button to pop up. Cool! I stopped by again to let you know I have an award for you on my blog.

  5. Hi Carol,
    Thank you for your lovely award. I'm honored! I'm sharing it now with my fellow bloggers ;)