Thursday, June 10, 2010

Editing Could Be Fun!

You’re probably wondering why I titled this post Editing Could Be Fun. Well, I didn’t think this could be possible until recently. I’ve been working on a couple of short stories that were originally birthed two years ago. I hadn’t revisited them since then to avoid the painstaking editing process. However, my friend who’s also a writer and I have agreed to encourage each other whenever one feels disheartened in her writing. We’ve also teamed up to revise each other’s work and get feedback from a fresh pair of eyes. The result? Non-stop writing! We’re feeding of each other’s energy and it feels wonderful! I can’t believe I even wrote a new short story in one day in between edits. My friend has written four short stories and that’s not even including her poems. The best part is that we’ve made the editing process fun as we laugh at our mistakes. I’m fortunate to have found the perfect partner in “writing crime.” My advice to other writers is to work with someone who will respect you as a person and as an artist. Team up with someone who’ll help you along the writing journey without judging you based on your work.

My tips to making editing fun:

1. Avoid too many adjectives, weak verbs, and characters that do not move the story forward. Don’t forget that sometimes less is more.
2. Don’t be afraid. It’s okay to axe some characters, paragraphs, and even pages.
3. Brainstorm and be open to changes and suggestions.
4. Revision should not hinder your writing time. When you write, just write. Do not edit while the inspiration is flowing. Editing will come later.
5. Take a break. After finishing your story, put it away and revisit it two days later. You’ll be surprised at your new-found perception.
6. Have fun! Laugh at your mistakes, share them with your writing partner as he/she will learn from them as well.

Is there someone with whom you share ideas and who fuels your writing energy?


  1. How wonderful that you're having fun AND being productive. The ideal situation!

  2. Great post, dear Claudia! I like how you highlight the need to work together and the great tips you give for editing. Thank you for a wonderful post! :-))